In the National Trust we Trust

Today we went to the National Trust Conference. This was my first time at the Trust conference, and I ended up enjoying myself a lot more than the regional preservation conferences that I have been to. I went to a session on rehabbing old windows (say NO to new replacement windows!) and one on climate change. The latter subject is close to my heart, as the historic site where I work has recently been threatened with catastrophic wildfires AND devastating floods. Oh boy. I was really surprised by the sheer number of historic sites all over the country that are threatened with the chaos of climate change – the Eastern Seaboard, the cost of Alaska, Louisiana. This made me feel a lot less alone in all of our recent troubles at home, but the overall trend is disturbing. I think that this old world is not going to last us much longer, and that we need to have our eyes fixed on eternity.

I also got lots of conference schwag and bought a wood and masonry rehab kit. When I get home I’ll get to work on the wood rot at the base of my 1950s kitchen window and the crack in my foundation. All in a day’s work for a public historian.

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