Seeing The Princess Bride on the Big Screen. Also, Meeting New People

I just experienced the fulfillment of a childhood dream. You know, an actual recurring dream that I used to have when I was a kid. No joke: every so often I would dream that The Princess Bride (a.k.a. my Favorite Book and Movie of All Time) was set to reappear in the real movie theaters. I used to dream about Newsies reappearing as well [I was a little young to have seen both of them during their first released and heretofore had only ever seen them on video}, in addition to Frank Peretti writing new Copper Kids Adventure books, so that gives you a picture of what a nerdy filmy literary little kid I used to be.

ImageAnyway, tonight one of those dreams actually came true. I saw The Princess Bride at our local movie theater! Cinemark has a series of classic 80s and 90s movies running in January and February on Wednesday nights, and tonight was the Princess Bride night. Two of my girl friends came along and the theater was filled with lots of other girls and guys around our age. Everyone seemed a little giddy. I bet that I’ve seen that movie over 100 times but I had never seen it like THIS. Big Screen on a movie you’ve only ever watched on a tv screen = pure magic. Buttercup, Westley, Inigo…they’re huge! And Fezzik….he honestly does look like an actual giant! The Cliffs of Insanity are More Insane! The Ravine is Extra Steep. The Fire Swamp is Super Scary and the ROUSes are Extra Terrifying. The crowd scenes are Bigger! The Swordfights are more Nerve Wracking! The colors are brighter! And let me tell you, Inigo’s revenge scene…I mean I know what happens because I’ve seen the movie so many times, but there was something about seeing it tonight in the real theater that made me wonder “what’s going to happen THIS time? Is he really going to get the Six Fingered Man this time??”  It was also lots of fun to just gaze around the scenes, soaking in every tiny detail of the set pieces. The vast majority of my Princess Bride viewing happened on my tiny 13-inch dorm room TV, and you don’t pick up a lot of intricacies on a screen that small. But tonight I took long gazes around The Pit of Despair and saw Count Ruegen’s preliminary sketches of The Machine pasted up on the walls. I bet you didn’t notice those in your own viewings, did you? And my word – Princess Buttercup’s costumes are really beautiful.  The best part, though? Seeing Westley’s beautiful bright eyes and sweet handsome face filling up the huge movie screen. Sigh. What a beautiful evening. 


I have also been keeping up with my commitment to meet one new person every day for the next 100 days. After I posted about my project on Monday, things have been far less interesting than they were over the weekend. Monday and Tuesday were mundane workdays and on these ordinary days I don’t typically encounter lots of new people. So on Monday I said hello to two girls on my Zumba class who didn’t seem very excited to meet me in return, and Tuesday I was formally introduced to my young friend M’s boyfriend who I had seen around but never really talked to. Today I set up an exhibit in our historic house and was more in the public eye so I was around more people to potentially meet, and that seems to work well. I met a new guy moving into the men’s dorm on our campus and two new tour guides.  I also kept my appointment to meet G, who is compiling a book about the historic houses in my city. G came over to my office to talk about his chapter on our property, and he brought me a beautiful matted 16×20 B&W photograph as a gift. I love meeting new people who bring me presents! 

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