Be careful what you set out as your 100 Days project….it might wind you up in the orthopedic surgeon’s office. At the end of January I decided to loose my skiingvirginity and went on a cross-country hut trip with some friends. Yep, first time on skis. The backcountry trail was extremely steep (think, like an actual mountain hiking trail not a groomed flat trail), and on our second day I took a hard fall on our way down the trail. I heard a loud “pop” as my knee twisted sideways and the pain took my breath away. I was lodged into a snow bank and my friends had to dig me out.


Fast forward one month. Remember how I had set my intention to meet at least 1 new person every day for the next 100 days? Well, I certainly hadn’t envisioned some of those people including the doctor at the local urgent care, an orthopedic surgeon, and a team of physical therapists. Without an MRI (man, those suckers are expensive!!), my diagnosis isn’t official but my team of medical professionals seem to think that I have a Grade II ACL sprain and a Grade I MCL sprain. Boo. I wound up on crutches for a week and a knee brace for two weeks.

I have been sidelined from my favorite hiking/dancing/running around activities and have instead been celebrating tiny victories like being able to walk again, climbing stairs for the first time, and being able to stand up on the tip-toes of my injured leg. With the help of my physical therapists, I am making progress. My mornings have consisted of quad- and hamstring massages and having electrodes attached to my knee. I have had a lot of people praying for me, and I’m hoping that I can heal up well enough to not need surgery.

Here’s hoping that for the rest of my 100 Days project I don’t have to meet any MORE medical professionals .