An Extravaganza of Historical Minds

Over the next two weeks I will be attending AASLH and the Conference on Faith and History. I arrived in St. Paul this afternoon and had a joyful reunion with my beloved SHA friends. There’s nothing as sweet to my soul as that first glimpse and hug of a friend who lives far away. Lots of “hugs and squeals” today.

This is especially welcome right now. It’s been a rough 10 months since I came back home after SHA last November. My injury, office budget politics, and shattered relationships have all made me feel worthless . But today, seeing my friends again, my soul feels elevated and joyful.
Today I am with my people who value me and who love history, and my heart is happier than it has been in a very long time. Much love to my mighty SHA friends, and to my colleagues in public history in general.

As I have time I’ll send out updates on my adventures. In the meantime, happy birthday to my favorite Historical Person who must remain in identified for the sake of the blog ‘so attempt at vague annonimity.