This morning I dragged myself to work after a rough morning of getting out of bed. On these dark December mornings getting out of bed seems like the worst idea ever, and I’ve been getting up later and later. This has become a chronic problem, and it makes me ultra-late getting the day started. I feel like life has landed on top of me sometimes and like I just can’t get ahead of anything.

But then…

I came in to the office today to find my assistant  giving some of the 20-year-olds in our men’s dorm a tour of the archives and they were SO EXCITED. “OMG, you actually get to read all of DT’s letters???” “WOAH – you get to hold his baseball glove?” “You have a real VAULT?!” Making some 20-year-old guys think archives are super-cool = ‪#‎winning‬. Knowing that I’ve trained my assistant well enough to make such a feat happen = ‪#‎doublewinning.

Maybe, despite all of my deep flaws and hard mornings, I’m doing something right after all.

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