Un-April Fool’s

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how my life is a little bit different this year than it was last year on this day.

Things that are true today that would have been April Fool’s jokes in this day last year:
1) I am traveling to Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore this summer! A year ago I never would have dreamed there would be an opportunity to do this so I am very excited!

2) Today my first journalist- style article went to print on the Colorado Collective. Check out my article on Stitch Studio here in the 80903 and then visit the store to sign up for one of their amazing sewing classes: http://www.colorado-collective.com/stories/2015/3/31/stitch-studio

3)I am intending to become an entrepreneur and open my own business by the year’s end. Stay tuned for details but be thinking about historical consulting, oral history interviews, and archivaly-stable time capsules. Over the past year I have discovered that there is a severe lack of job opportunities for historians where I live so I am going to create my own opportunities!