An explanation for my absence and a new venture

Oh hello, 2016. For the one person that follows me on WordPress, here’s an explanation for my 10 month blogging hiatus followed a big announcement.

I’ve been sick with a Mystery Illness that hasn’t yet fully been explained. After 9 months of specialists, stress tests,  imaging studies, an ER visit and overnight hospital stay, and a spinal tap (yes – a spinal tap!!!) I’m still trying to recover from 2015. I didn’t write anything after April because there really wasn’t anything to write about except for lots of doctors visits, being forced to miss AASLH, and generally being an unhappy camper.


In the midst of all of that, however, I’ve started a new business. I’m very happy to announce the launch of History Joy, a history consulting company. History Joy specializes in private archives, oral histories, autobiography, book publishing, and the establishment of archival repositories. You can check out my website at  and follow me on Facebook at

I’m anticipating moving all of my history blogging to my company website, and keeping this site for some personal blogging.