Donald Trump and Pickett’s Charge

It’s been a while dear little blog. Here’s a brief glance at the adventures that I had at the Conference on Faith and History this weekend, which included meeting Sarah McCammon from NPR. From John Fea’s blog “The Way of Improvement Leads Home”

the way of improvement leads home


While I was at Regent College in Virginia Beach this weekend for the biennial meeting of the Conference on Faith and History I attended a Donald Trump rally. (More on this in a future post).  After the rally I talked with Sarah McCammon, a reporter for National Public Radio, about Trump’s visit to Gettysburg earlier in the day.

Listen here:

A little backstory.  When I met Sarah in the “press pen” at the rally I was with my friends and fellow historians Susan Fletcher and Jay Green.  Sarah was eager to talk to Susan for a future story she is doing on women and evangelicals.  Stay tuned for that story.  Susan did a great job speaking about her identity as an evangelical woman and her distaste for Donald Trump.

Following the interview Sarah and Susan (and Sarah’s young son) chatted a bit more and really hit if…

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